A Day For Mothers.
March 30, 2014

I’m an emotional bastard.

If something hurts or if someone needs defending I’m on it. It’s both a good and a bad thing. If I love you and you need defending POW! I’m your woman. Be it my best friend, my cubs, my husband or my mother. Don’t dare hurt them without expecting a wild crazy ninja lioness to jump out and put you down. Hard. If I love you and you hurt me? I’ll bite. That’s who I am. I can’t help it. It’s a natural instinct and one I find very difficult to control. But one I wouldn’t be without. I want to be that fierce lioness who rips the limbs off anyone that threatens my pack. So with that comes the flip side.

If you love me, the best thing you can do is stroke me, tickle my chin, lay with me and know that if you do do something that hurts me I’ll hiss at you, I’ll roar and paw at you. But I’ll love you. No matter what and that in the end, I’ll sit and think and try to understand.

Mums have a tough job. Don’t get me wrong Dads, I’m not ignoring what you do – given where I am with my Dad at the moment I feel completely lost without him – but it’s not Fathers Day so you’ll have to indulge my love of mums for just today.

Recent events in my life, working with Mission Motorsport being one, made me think a lot about being a Mum with children who serve in war-zones and being a Mother to children whose Dad’s work in war-zones. Whilst we are here I guess we must include having a Mum that works in a war-zone. Of course I know it is hard for anyone working away from their family but adding the strength you need to either work in these places or watch someone you love work in these places gives them the edge.

I’m on my own with my kids today. No lie in. No tea and toast brought to me by my husband. I’ll get up and watch the kids ruin my kitchen to make me pancakes and then I’ll sit and enjoy and laugh and smile. But I’m also going to think about everyone else who goes through days like today on their own and say “Well done super- mums”

What you do to support the men and women who serve this country and who fight for freedom of others is incredible. I have a new found respect for it. How you balance love and nurture and all the things that make a Mother with the ability to not apply pressure to your husbands or your children who need you to be strong, to not question, to show no sign of weakness even on days like this, astounds me. How you bring up your kids to have no fears or doubts in Dads work. To feel as loved when he is away as when he is home. How if you are a Mother away from home you deal with the guilt and you just love.

I guess the truth is when you love someone and I mean real love, the unconditional kind, you don’t need to question what they do or why they do it or how it makes you feel.

You just love.

So, today, my Mothers Day is all about you. You wonderful, strong, beautiful Mums.

I hope I can love as well and as brilliantly as you.


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  • March 31, 2014

    You're amazing!!! XXXXXXX


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