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August 22, 2013

Men.  Big tough beautiful stunning MEN.  I love them, we all know that.  And maybe this was a big attraction when a Major from the British Army approached me about Mission Motorsport.

I have written about Jim Cameron – said Major – for The Huffington Post.  So I won’t go on about what a fantastic, GORGEOUS and brilliant human being he is because, quite honestly, he is told this far too often and I think it’s going to his head.

What I want to do is to tell you WHY Mission Motorsport still engulfs my heart and has held my passionate support for so long.  AND WHY I really need your help to HELP THEM.  They have been made it through to the final five in Automotive PR’s Twitter Charity competition.  Which see’s the winner take £13,000 worth of PR consultancy.  Something that is SO important to Mission Motorsport.

The basics of the charity are this.  Mission Motorsport take injured troops (serving or veteran) and rehabilitate them through Motorsport.  The Charities tag line says all you need to know really “Race.  Retrain.  Recover”

Servicemen are used to high stress situations.  Adrenalin.  Excitement.  Danger.  They are used to working as a team.  Organising.  Delegating.  Taking Orders.  They are strong logistical planners.  They hold fantastic communication skills.  They are – of course – pretty damn good in the security sector.

When a serviceman goes through ‘resettlement’ back into civi street, they lose the pressures and the excitement, the adrenalin that their position gave them.  I have always thought life must look so dull to someone who is used to traveling the world and risking their lives for our country.  For our injured troops, whether physical injuries or PTSD, it must be almost impossible to find ways of bringing back some of what drives them whilst serving.

Motorsport is such a fantastic platform to help with the rehabilitation of these men and women.  The essence of motor racing is this drive a machine that could kill you as fast as you can without letting it kill you.  Beat the opposition.  Work as a family, a team.  This is why it is so attractive.  It has so many components that cross over from the services.  NO – before you even go there – I am not suggesting that what our racing drivers do in F1 or WTCC is comparable to what the men and women protecting our country do, but the adrenalin that comes from it IS comparable.  And that is part of what our injured troops NEED.

Since Mission Motorsport has started it has had a wealth of success stories.  The fun element of the charity – of course – is that it takes its beneficiaries racing all over the world.  It has completed in Brit Car 24, sent 3 lads out as part of Derek Bells team in the Lemans Classic.  But it is the vocational side that is MOST important.  The charity has opened up many vocational placements within huge companies such as Bentley.  But it’s main objective, and one it now is achieving fantastically, was always to create JOBS for these service men.  To help retrain and to finally help recover.  Mission Motorsport can now boast Aston Martin Racing in the WEC as one of these companies employing it’s beneficiaries.

During my time with the charity I have seen the full spectrum of how it works.  I have seen it working.  There are guys I work with today whose stories make me cry.  To see them so happy but to have known when they appeared on the Mission Motorsport radar they were lost.  Some with families on the brink of falling apart.  And that through what the charity is doing – and of course a HELL of a lot of support in other organisations such as Tedworth House and Help 4 Heroes – these families are STILL together, happy.  Found.  To see that makes me feel so utterly at peace.  In fact I would say I have gained so much peace in my life from the charity.  My problems seem insignificant and less impossible.  I draw strength from what I have seen.  And I now have an indestructible attitude.  Nothing is impossible and there are A LOT of very good people in this world.

The people behind Mission Motorsport.  The Directors.  The employees.  The volunteers. The Monkeys – (Follow them on twitter and you’ll understand) These people the most wonderful, funny, inspiring, fantastic and compassionate collection of idiots I have ever met.  They are MY family.  Jim, Rich, Sue, Aunty Mo.  Everyone.

These guys have given ME so much.  From laughs to faith to confidence and so much more.  And if I can give them a tenth of what they and their beneficiaries have added to my life then I would be happy.  This is why I am pleading with you all to help me by voting for Mission Motorsport in the Automotive PR competition.

It isn’t hard.  You simply have to tweet something like this ” I VOTE for @missionmotorspt in the @automotivepr #tweetcharity because …… “

Please do it.  Please.  Because this charity really IS making a difference and changing lives of so many people.  Even people like ME who didn’t think they needed much changing and then realised what an utter moron they were.


For more information about the charity the website can be found here.  Mission Motorsport are always looking for help, donations – whether financial or material – and support.

If you think you can help contact sp@missionmotorsport.org


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