The Business

Writer. Talker. Outside the box thinker.

You know sometimes, when you spend ages thinking about how to explain what you do for your website? Then you realise that you do three things and they are all pretty self explanatory?

I write. Sometimes for other people, sometimes for myself. Content writing, catalogue content, blogs, advertorials, editorials, novels. If it needs writing then I’m your woman. I tend to have a very staccato style. As you will see from this description! I am an emotional writer. A factual writer. A voice for the underdog. Often, an idiot.

I talk. A lot. I’m very good at it as I have had a lot of practice over the years. From voiceovers to live interviews and anything inbetween. If you are in need of well spoken lady, or you enjoy having your ear chewed off, drop me an email.

I think. Ok so my thinking service will send you straight to my other company, Macchina Media. However I am happy to use my wonderful mind palace to assist you with anything you need. Clearly at a cost. The grey matter isn’t free.