Brex ‘shhh’ it
June 30, 2016

I have been locked out of my blog for a billion years (Exaggeration) and today, for some reason known only to the little gremlins that run the internet, I have access.  So, I thought it best I write a blog.  Just incase I don’t get the chance to write another one for ages.

I call this one, Brex’shhh’it.  I call it that because it is all everyone is talking about, tweeting about, thinking about and dreaming about.  I’ve been confined to 140 characters on Twitter and now …. uh-oh … I am writing a blog where I can dictate how much I say AND I haven’t even thought about it, it is unplanned and I literally have no idea what the next paragraph is going to say.

Wow, if you were a Brexit voter this is probably how you planned your vote.

Right, first thing I learnt through this EU Ref is that you should never, under any circumstances, tell another human being how you voted.  I voted to leave by the way.  I am only telling you this because everyone on Twitter knows already so you might as well know.  But, I tell you something, I will never proudly announce my political position ever again.

Voting needs to be a personal and private thing.  Unless you are happy to lose friends, get called a ‘xenophobic whore’ and have to stand up and defend your right to an opinion and how you came to that opinion.

Voting in this referendum was a really difficult thing for me.  For all of us.  Before anyone starts jumping in and stabbing me for my decision, can I just say, I did think about it, I did research it, I don’t want anyone who wasn’t born in this country or isn’t a ‘pure-blood’ (Not my words, words of the Brexit extremists) to pack up and leave, I don’t want Boris or Nigel to run our country and I DO want us to have a strong future.

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on about why I got to my decision to vote ‘Leave’ I want to focus on this whole absolute mess of a poo pile and how every single one of us have been royally fucked over in some way or another.

I do want to say this.  When I made my decision, I made it with the fair assumption that the leader of our country, the man who called this referendum, had some kind of plan.  You know? In case it all went wrong.  We all need a plan don’t we? Before we make a decision.  I would think that with something as important as this you might have something.  Turns out David Cameron had nothing.  Not a sausage.  No sign of anything that resembled a plan.  Oh.

I think it was obvious he was going to stand down as Prime Minister.  It’s just when I put my X in the box, I had foolishly presumed, it would be after he announced some kind of instruction.  That pissed me off a little.

Ok, so now we have a nation divided in two, we’ve elected to do the most risky of the two options and we are all kind of stood here with our dicks in our hands looking to the leaders of the country and currently, none of us are really sure who that is.  Or if we have even left the EU.  Which, of course, we haven’t.  Because no one has pressed the fucking button.  And thank god, because without a plan thats a pretty big button to be pressing.

Of course we did have a sort of plan.  An emergency meeting in Brussels.  Perfect.  A moment for us to express to the rest of Europe that we weren’t cutting them off, that the majority of Leave voters are not xenophobic, two headed freaks and to spread an element of calm and empathy to the people who are, in the long run, going to decide how easy or difficult the next 10 years are going to be for the UK.  I tuned in live.




WHO sent Nigel Farage?  Seriously!? We’ve taken the riskiest decision there is to make.  We have zero plan and now …. we send the biggest racist bucket excrement off to reassure the HEADS OF THE EU,  who it’s fair to assume we have pissed off already, that we are worth keeping close during our victorious independence.

“Who is laughing now?” his opening line.  “Let’s face it, none of you have ever had a job.”

The man behind Nigel had his head in his hands.  Along with 90% of the British public.  I suppose there is a small mercy.  Leave and Remain voters could finally be united by their utter disbelief that this man is even still allowed to enter that building.

Who am I to talk?  I voted for him.  WRONG.  I did not vote for Nigel.  I did not vote for Boris.  I voted for a change.  Because I was desperate for one.  As we all are.

This was not the change I was hoping for.

I hate that I am going to say this, but the British public should not have been allowed to make this decision.  Not right now.  Don’t be fooled by the media that the racism you are seeing is a new thing that has popped up since Brexit.  It isn’t.  There is a thug attitude in our world now, fuelled by the likes of ISIS.  Sadly the racist, xenophobic amongst us aren’t intelligent enough to realise that their behavior is just the other end of the extremist spectrum to ISIS.  They have a lot in common.  Mainly they are disgusting dwellers of the bottom of the intellectual barrel, zero tolerance, angry, non human beings.  This group of people, this culture of hate, has been growing in our country since 9/11 and my personal thoughts are that whilst there is a growing culture of hate, there should not be a referendum held that, in essence, gives those people a voice.  Yes.  We are a democracy.  But we are also an intelligent and tolerant country.  Unfortunately politics just don’t give a fuck about that.  And I think the most hideous show of this is that we are a week into the BrexitYears and not ONE Leave campaigner has come forward and condemned the disgusting behavior we are seeing every day on our streets.

I’m a smart woman.  But if you take a peep into my life, you will see that I have’t made a decent or sensible decision since about 1993.  In fact I have made some tremendously horrendous decisions recently (It’s my two year anniversary today.  I haven’t seen my husband for 18 months.  See what I mean?) It could be argued that if I am not capable of deciding the right course of action for one single human, if I can evident the terrible decision making skills I have, a proven track record of astronomical disaster, that maybe …. maybe I might not be the right person to decide the fate of millions and millions of people?

Here’s an example.  I have £180 in my bank this week.  I have 12 days on my own and no invoices being paid to me for the next month.  I decided to spend £50 on dinner last night because I had a craving for Calamari and £30 on contact lenses because I’m not sure my current ones are quite the right shade of green.  That’s how I think people.  Ok? Mind you, I always have a plan.  Thats a given.  What sort of a twat makes a decision without having a plan A through to F for all the outcomes possible? Oh …. David.

I’m not alone.  There are millions of people in our country who make horrific decisions in their own lives every day but are then asked to vote on things that are going to effect the whole nation, and in this case, the whole world!

Of course, if we don’t vote? We are frowned upon.  We have to vote.  I tried hard to push those who weren’t 100% sure of their position to vote remain.  Because you should only vote leave if you are 100 percent sure you understand what that means.  That things are going to break pretty badly before they get better.  If you aren’t ready for that? Don’t vote for it.

Of course that fell on deaf ears.  Because as soon as the announcement comes out that Brexit has won, the news is full of really shocked looking people saying “I shouldn’t have voted leave”

All that said, the nation was called to do something, and we did it.  Now? We are left arguing between each other.  Angry.  Friends falling out.  Families not talking with one another.  The young condemning the old.  Our own capital city hates us.  Scotland is repulsed by us (Although, when wasn’t it?)

This wasn’t our fault.  This mess.  And the vote to be independent still might actually be the best thing for us long term.  We simply don’t know yet.  And I, the maker of my own little disaster movie, still stand by my decision to vote (Break a few eggs, make an omelette)

The fault and the mess lies entirely with the people who lead our country.  Palming off a decision to the public.  Basing their campaigns on lies, deception, scare mongering.  Giving us an option to make a historic, astronomically important decision, and not being prepared for it.

I voted for a change.

And I hope I get it.  But right now the change I hope for the most is one in the way this country and our people, are represented by the leaders of our political parties.

I’m sorry. But at the moment?  I just see a bunch of dicksplats running our country.

And frankly? I am ashamed to be British.

America.  We are all looking at you now.

Ok.  You’re all free now to start slagging me off.  I’ve finished.


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