Here Are All The Reasons I’m Not Voting This Time ….
May 6, 2017

Ok. So, shock horror. Both of them. Shock and horror. 

I’m not voting. 

I’m not voting and I’m proud of that. I’ve squared away all the reasons. So before you roll your eyes or give me a long and terribly patronising speech about the suffragettes and how women burned their bras for my rights, how people (like my partner) risked their lives for my freedom and right to vote and all that other stuff that matters, please hear me out. 

I’m a passionate voter. I think that if you can’t be bothered to vote you’re a bit of a dick. I think you should register to vote the second you hit 18 and you should take an active interest in politics. Not just UK politics but global politics. Voting is such an important part of democracy. Without it, well, there is no democracy. Without it, we have a dictatorship. One person making the decisions, no matter what the voice of the people. 

It matters doesn’t it? Who we place in charge of our country. Our future. The future of our children and their children. It really matters. If you don’t think it matters then take a look at Iraq, Afghanistan and various other countries that still don’t give their people a voice. 

During Brexit I was very vocal about the importance of voting. I said it was even more important to vote remain if you weren’t 100 percent certain how you felt, or more importantly if you weren’t sure of the facts. A vote for Brexit was one that needed to be placed with complete clarity of what you were signing up for. 

I voted Brexit. I wasn’t ashamed to say. I have a right to vote. Just as you do. I have a voice. I have a mind. My mind, my opinions and my beliefs are different to yours. And that’s ok! That’s why we have votes. Because we are all very different, the way we view the future is relative to our personal experiences in life. My best friend and I see things very differently. We don’t agree on everything. What we do agree on is that neither of us can predict the future and neither of us are God. If one of us was God, we’d probably be in a bigger mess than we are now. 

Ok. So that hopefully shows you that I am very much in favour of a society where we are all entitled to our opinions and we are allowed to express that in the fairest possible way. By voting for the way our country is run. And then, accepting that we might not get our way. 

The problem is, everything has got a little bit fucked up. 

After Brexit I became really disheartened with UK Politics. Regardless of your vote, I’m sure you did too. I’m sure that we can all agree that the referendum was ill thought out. That many lies were told and the country was thrown into a complete mess. We were forced into making a decision that many of us didn’t want to take, or perhaps weren’t ready to take. Our fearless leader threw us to the lions and then, surprised by the outcome, he did a bunk. Nice work David. Did you leave us a plan? Nope. You just waved goodbye to the people as they were tearing each other apart. 

Thanks. A bunch.

For a good three months after the yellow bellied plank abandoned his post, I was receiving daily abuse for my vote. I don’t just mean “Hey! You wally. Wish you’d voted remain” I mean insults such as “you fucking xenophobic bitch” I was called a racist, ignorant, an idiot. One person called me zenophobic, but I quite liked that. The thought of having a deep rooted fear of anything that is Zen, recoiling in fear as a peaceful human chanted Namaste in my general direction.  (For the record I’m neither xenophobic or zenophobic) 

People who I thought were friends spent hours patronising me “Are you happy with what you’ve done?” Was a question often thrown at me. I think it was retorical, but the answer to anyone asking me that was a simple, yes. Of course I was happy. I voted Brexit. I wasn’t happy about having to vote for it. Or about the general arse fuckery that ensued after. 

Trump hasn’t helped. The storm eased up on my Twitter timeline for a bit. Then a blonde mop head was made president and the floodgates reopened “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE NOW, YOU AND YOUR RACISTS MATES” was the general bomb thrown at my timeline. 

At one point I think some of my friends assumed I had a Hitler celebrity calendar on my wall. I don’t. Hitler was a nob. Trump is also a nob. So is Cameron, Corbyn, May. 

So here I am, quietly enjoying the calm of April 2017. The world hasn’t ended quite yet. No walls have been built. Europe hasn’t pulled up the anchor. London hasn’t declared itself its own country. Scotland is still here. Then, just as I think we’ve all started to settle in, May decides it’s a great idea to call a General Election. 

Marvellous! I missed the campaigns, the seething debates on Question Time. I was just thinking “I’ve not lost ALL my friends yet, what I need now is more politics. That will clear the decks so I can finally live a solitary existence with my dog” 

I’ve spent two weeks deciding who to vote for. The current party who placed us square in the shitstorm? The Labour Party, who are struggling like a team of monkeys with an abacus? UKIP … as if I need to say anymore. I found myself questioning who I trusted. And you know what? I can answer that very easily. 

Not one of them. 

Probably, if pushed, I’d vote May. If we are going to Brexit then we may as well go balls deep. However, I’m genuinely too exhausted to deal with the burden of casting my vote. I don’t want to be damned. I just want to have a nice cuddle with the dog and a G&T. 

I can’t do it. I can’t bring myself to vote for another set of idiots who will promise the earth then deliver the square root of fuck all.

A very dear friend of mine once shared a wise cliche with me. 

If in doubt do nothing. 

And that is precisely what I intend to do.

Don’t blame me. Blame the politicians. Then blame the thousands of people who decided to start a hate campaign against other voters simply because they see life a little differently. 

If you are voting, please follow your own heart. Decide what matters to you, the environment, Europe, fairness, then find the party that fits your beliefs. Don’t jump on this tactical voting train. It’s not going to end well. Then, pass no judgement on your neighbour (biblical of me) for doing the same. 

Or. Vote fishfinger. You might as well. Because the truth is, with UK politics the way it is today, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. They really don’t care about US.

Night then xx

  • Gareth James
    May 6, 2017

    Here here!

    As ever, clarity of thought is what is important here. I think your post on this, as well as Brexit, make that all too clear. Especially when I look at what just happened in the local elections. There are so many factors at play that I will say that voting in a general election in 2017 must be one of the hardest things a democratic country has ever faced. Be it the UK, France, Germany or whoever.

    Also I would just like to add this. The suffragette movement was, to my mind, about giving women the choice. Not forcing them to vote.

  • patently
    May 9, 2017

    Hmmm. A well-argued position.

    I will be voting, but I will do so with a similar level of enthusiasm. Hope you enjoy the G&T :-)

  • May 12, 2017

    As ever, you talk sound good sense. And you're a lot braver than I am too.


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