My Dad. Legend.
March 14, 2014

A few years ago, over on the old Not Now Nancy blog, I wrote a piece about my Dad.

This week ‘Buddy’ had a stroke. And I just wanted to pop this here. Because whatever the outcome – and my Dad is as strong as a fucking Ox – I want to share with everyone how supremely awesome my Dad is.

The other day I asked Dad what his ‘weapon’ was. My brother and I were talking about guns and grenades and knives and stuff.

My Dad merely wrote two words “My Coolness”

Love you Buddy xx

I’m a girl. Okay so I am nearly 30 but I am still a girl and it’s because I am a girl that I am writing this post.

This morning I got an ace text from my Dad, it read “I have the Rose Ecron blusher, Les Ombres eye shadow and the Crayon Yeux eyeliner thingy”

He’s at an airport and instead of buying himself a coffee and relaxing before his flight, he is in Chanel ticking off items from my ‘list’

This is an example of just one of the many awesome things about my Dad.

I think Dad is my biggest fan, which is funny because I think I am his biggest fan. I love that when I do something cool he is always the first person to get excited. Or if what I think is cool isn’t actually that cool, he is the first to tell me that too.

There is no bullshit with my Dad. He’ll be there to smack me down if I am talking crap (as you can imagine this happens a lot) But when I am on to something, even if I have to reach sky-high to get it, he’s there offering support, ideas (just as crazy as mine) and love.

If I am really worried about something and I need some good strong advise, which I probably won’t take but I KNOW is right, I always go to my Dad. I talk to my Mum about lots of stuff, all the emotional girl stuff but when the shit really hits the fan and I have a big decision to make, its my Dad I call.

I don’t know what I would do without him.

My Dad is the reason I know every single word to The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

Dad is brilliant at what he does. He is inspiring to listen to. His enthusiasm behind anything he believes in is infectious. Sometimes I don’t really get the stuff that he’s into but I listen to him talk anyway just because of his passion.

He met Lady Gaga in a hotel bar once. The reason this fact is cool is because he actually knew who Lady Gaga was and decided to call me at an ungodly hour to let me know she was staying in his hotel and he thought she was a bit mad.

Being seen out with my Dad is awesome and is never ever embarrassing. I know some of you have embarrassing Dads but mine isn’t. Because even when he is doing things that are a bit, well awkward, he looks cool doing them and they are so funny that I just want to tell the world, yeah THAT is MY Dad.

He once did the Birdy Dance in front of everyone at Butlins just for me. I was only 4 or 5 at the time, but I honestly think if I asked him to do it again now he probably would.

Dad absorbs information like a sponge. Its like facts and figures just stay in him. This is why you should NEVER play him at Trivial Pursuit. You won’t win and it’ll be boring. However if you need a phone a friend on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire then he’s your man.

He refuses, even though there are now 4 grandchildren in the family, to be called Grandad or Grandpa. Instead he is known to my children as ‘Buddy’ and to my brothers girls as ‘Dude’

He’s great with my kids, except for one time when he told them that my mother was a witch……that didn’t go down to well and in fact my son was nervous about staying round at my mums house for a good week. But apart from that the kids adore him. He amazed my daughter for hours once making mice out of napkins. Then he made her a napkin mouse advent calendar for christmas.

On the first night my 5 year old son slept at his house, they stayed up until midnight making stuff out of Lego.

I have two pictures of my Dad that are never too far away from me. One is him, holding a lamb. He is wearing a cable knit jumper. I don’t know exactly why he is holding a lamb but when I look at that picture it reminds me of my Dad cuddles. The second is a picture that if I could go back in time and stay in a moment I would. We are sitting outside my Granny and Grandads house and he has a daisy chain round his head, I must be 4 and I am making more chains. We look like a couple of mental hippies. But we also look totally happy and like there are no worries in the world except maybe that, at some point, we’ll run out of daisies.

When I was 8 Dad took me on the most hideous and scary plane ride to the Isles of Scilly that I have ever been on in my life, and is probably responsible for the ridiculous fear I have of flying now. However he is also the guy that took me to the airport for my kill or cure flight to Canada to see my brother in 2009. Without him, I’m not sure I would have got on the plane.

Recently I realized that sometimes I take the simple fact I have a Dad for granted. I have friends who have the most disgusting, pathetic Fathers on the planet. Friends who have never met their Dads. Friends whose fathers have died.

You know I have spent a lot of the last few years trying to work out how to thank my Dad for everything he’s done for me. Not just the financial gestures but for all the other things. How HUGE he makes me feel when I can see he is proud of me. Even if I poo-poo his pride, like when he wants to play people my old demo tape from the days before X Factor ruined my passion for singing and I refuse to let him.

The truth is I know that all he needs as a thanks is to see me happy. Well I hope it’s that, and not some huge financial gesture because there probably isn’t going to be one. Unless I win the lottery. Then I’ll buy him an Austin Healy and every single gadget under the sun. And a new Panama.

But as I can’t be 100% sure he knows how much I love him then this little blog post is for him. 100% dedicated to an incredibly brilliant and wonderful Dad that I am so grateful for and who inspires me to make the most of my life and to keep reaching for the impossible because maybe, just maybe it IS possible.



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