Samphire and Wild Mushrooms
December 11, 2013

So.  Cooking.  It is something that I have’t done a lot of recently.  I have been stressed, down, sluggish.  I had some health issues and just went off good food.  Mcdonalds became my only desire.  But a 1 day H20 Detox REALLY kicked my arse back into being me.

Doing an H2O detox, or a juice detox, is bloody hard.  But it is so worth it.  It leaves me headachy for two days but by the third its like my system is rebooted and I am focussed and energetic and renewed.  After the 24 hour fast I strip my diet back.  I remove Wheat, Dairy and Sugars.  I still have natural fruit sugars but no added sugars.

My diet becomes mainly vegetable based and chicken becomes a special treat.  I find that suddenly I have JOY in cooking again and being lucky enough to work from home I can stop to make delicious lunches.  Yesterdays was no exception.

I wanted something filling.  With a powerful taste.  Something that would be cooked in less than 10 minutes and wouldn’t leave me bloated in the morning.  In my fridge I found Samphire which I had bought to add a saltiness to an omelette and a pack of wild mushrooms.  I find mushrooms quite filling and rich so figured a good base to my lunchtime treat.

Anyway.  Samphire is a great accompaniment for fish. Fish loves lemon.  So I figured a simple sauté in some goats butter (which is what I use if I need a bit of butteriness) and then served with a good squeeze of lemon and some black pepper would result in a pretty fine lunch.

It took me 10 minutes.  I didn’t chop anything.  I flung it all in the pan.  Then I shoved it on a plate.  Then I ate it.

It was delicious.  Healthy AND if you are doing something like a points system on weight watchers, its about 2 points for the butter.  You could actually sauté in water if you wanted a 0 point dinner.

Anyway.  Amazebaubles and all that.

Oh, I thought after I made this.  IF you are male and need a bit of animal or something served on this, it would be heaven with a bit of Seabass OR even a Lamb Steak.

Now.  Go away.  I am hungry.

Avocado, Lemon and Chilli time xx


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