Spiders; A Thought
November 1, 2014

Since moving to the farm – I shall blog about that later – I have discovered that there are more spiders in the world than I had ever imagined.  Many of them hang out here at my place, either lurking in the corners of my windows or mooching about in the boot room.  The discovery of one such arachnid, we’ll call him Boris, trapped in the bottom of my mop bucket yesterday got me to thinking.

How DO they get IN the mop bucket in the first place?

Boris – huge chap – was stuck in it.  I know this because my kids poked him about for a while and during there tormenting we could see that he could find no purchase on the walls of the unintentional trap.  The bucket wasn’t near the walls or any other spider propelling device.  There was no mop in it for Boris to slide down.  It was a lonely bucket placed on its own in a room.  This left only two ways, I can see, for him to enter it and become a victim of his own curiosity.

I have decided either he fell in from the roof which, quite frankly gives me the shivers every time I dart through the room to the compost bin, or WORSE ….. he JUMPED in.

As you can imagine, the very notion that a spider can jump OR fall puts the shits up me so much I am having to consider engineering the following:

A) A spider catching hat.  Perhaps with a small container similar to a mop bucket that Boris seemed unable to get to grips with.  This hat would have accommodate a container wider than my neck so if the spider were to drop it wouldn’t be able to scurry across my body.  Essentially the spider would drop from the roof, get trapped, I would remove the hat and then fling said spider into the garden.

B) A mouth sieve.  Something I can sleep in so if a spider were to fall off the roof or try to jump into my mouth whilst I sleep, he won’t succeed in making some kind of mouth nest resulting in the kind of thing you see on A&E’s Worst Incidents or read in Take a Break magazine.

Anyway.  Thats it.  My thoughts on spiders.


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