April 24, 2014

Words are so important.

Aren’t they?

I bloody love words.  I love the shape of some, like bed.  IT LOOKS LIKE BED. Thats just cool.

I like the sound of some, like machine.  Machine is a lovely word and, obviously, was the seed behind Macchina Club.

I love how some words are short and get to the point OH SO QUICKLY.  Such as STOP.  Stop is ace.

I love long and winding words that seem to just go on for ever and no one understands like floccinaucinihilipilification I put the link in there because I know if you read my blogs, you are NOT going to know that word.  I’m not smart enough for people who know words like that.

Words are, without doubt, my favourite thing.

Some people are incredibly good and placing words together in ways that excite you, or that ignite your passion.  Others can combine words and start a fire of rage.

They are powerful.  For good and for bad.

Words can destroy you.  They can cut deeper than any knife and they can sear into your soul.

Sometimes having no words is an amazing thing, other times having no words is the worst and most painful thing.

This morning Pbubs sent me an email. In it, simply two words.

Two words that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Took my breath away.

The two words that mean more to me than any other words on this planet.

They give me strength. They give me purpose.  They give me pride.  Hope.  Faith.

He knows what those two words are.  He knows what they do to me.  When I need them and why.  Which is why today they mean more than ever before.

You don’t need to know what they are but today, think about your words.  How they make people feel.  How sending an email with just a couple of words in could fill someones heart with joy.  Make them cry with happiness.  Fuel them with the strength they need to face the enemies that we all come across during the day.

Because today, I feel I can conquer the world.

Thanks Pbear.  I’m going to email you back now with the one word I know makes you feel amazing.



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