You’ve Got Nice Thighs
August 24, 2013

I’ve spent years asking the question “Are you a leg or a breast man” at the Sunday lunch table.  Sniggers always follow and then my guests get what they are given anyway.  I won’t have fussy eaters in MY kitchen.

I love chicken.  So much so that it has become pretty much the only meat I eat with any regularity.  In the past it was breast I always went for.  But the breast has little flavour and there is a real fine cooking line with it.  Having no real fat in it the breast always runs the risk of going dry and over cooking.  The last few years, whenever I use chicken, it is always the thigh I go for.  The thigh is something you can cook to the death if you want.  Slow and long and on the bone in a curry for example.  OR, if you are in a hurry you can rush it under the grill.  It is so versatile. So full of flavour AND it carries more nutrients than are found in the breast.  Such as zinc, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B12, amino acids, and iron. Zinc should be a hugely important part of your diet.  Amongst other benefits it is extremely good for the immune system and fending off colds etc.

I buy bone in and skin on.  Sometimes I will butcher it before cooking and other times I will cook in its entirety then remove the bone and manky gristly bit before I serve to my guests.  I hate fiddly food and removing things off bones, to me, is a fiddle to far.

My kids always tell me they don’t like thigh.  So I just tell them its breast and let them get on with it.  They love my chicken dishes and I get a perverse pleasure out of knowing one day, when they are older and wiser, they will realise it wasn’t just the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas I fibbed about.  It was their diet too.  And they fell for it.  Score Mum.

There are so many different things you can do with the thighs.  From Curries – I currently have one on slow cook in my oven – to salads, pies, casseroles.  In fact there isn’t one thing you do with breast that you couldn’t do with the thighs.  For a really quick tea that the kids and Miles love I make a herby rub and shove four under the grill to go crisp.  When they are cooked I simply shred them up and then make wraps with spinach, homemade guacamole and a tomato salad.  Delicious.



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